Message in a bottle found in Virginia river after 44 years

A father and son walking along the York River in Virginia found a message in a bottle that had been launched by a young boy 44 years earlier.

Brian Daliege said he was walking with his son on Monday near York River State Park when they found an old glass Pepsi bottle on a ledge over the water.

“The river comes up and there’s a 4-foot drop, and it was on top of that, like a big wave had pushed it up there,” Daliege told WVEC-TV.

The bottle contained a note that appeared to have been written by a child. The note included a phone number and instructed the finder to “ask for Don Kendrick.”

The phone number turned out to be a dead end, but Daliege’s wife, Megan Daliege, posted photos of the discovery on Facebook, and her post was shared hundreds of times within hours.

The post came to the attention of Tracy Kendrick, whose husband, Don, had thrown three messages in bottles into the river 44 years ago, when he was 12 years old.

“We’ve offered it back to Don Kendrick, we haven’t heard back yet whether he wants it or not,” Brian Daliege said. “It’s just a cool story.”