OnePlus Could Make Nord An Independent Brand In The Market

OnePlus launched the Nord series with a focus on the mid-range segment and now we also have different products from the brand. Most people expected Nord to branch out on its own, like other BBK Electronics brands, and according to a new report this week, it seems Nord to become an independent brand in the near future.

The report also suggests Nord could become a bigger brand on its own, with new product categories like fitness bands, smart TV and audio devices in its portfolio.

The prospect of Nord going on its own hardly surprises us, especially with the track record of the other companies that made a similar move. Realme has the Narzo sub-brand in the market, while the most popular case can be made for Xiaomi and Poco in the market. Xiaomi also offered Redmi its own space in the market, with a separate range of products catering to a different audience.

As we have seen with the Nord lineup so far, the products are priced lower than the OnePlus models. Nord has the most affordable OnePlus phone in the market right now, priced under Rs 20,000. So it is easy to understand this move, whenever it is officially confirmed by the company.

OnePlus has evolved from a flagship killer to a flagship brand itself with the 10 series and the upcoming devices. Letting Nord operate in the market on its way gives it the space to grow and become a force in a different segment.

OnePlus Nord 2T launched a few days back in India, giving buyers more options in the sub Rs 30,000 bracket. The new Nord phone is the successor to the Nord 2 and uses the new MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset, and provides 80W charging support for the battery. The design is more or less the same, except for the larger camera sensors at the back. OnePlus has retained the same camera setup, albeit within a different module.